CANCER—A Rational Approach to Long-Term Recovery

A new book by Lou Dina

Cancer Book Front Cover

Cancer Book Back CoverCancer is a frightening, devastating disease—I know—I am a 30+ year cancer survivor.

Unlike the majority of cancer patients, I was extremely fortunate to discover The Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy, (F.A.C.T), in 1978.  I followed their well-researched, time-tested metabolic protocol, also referred to as bio-repair, using non-toxic, non-invasive, holistic methods and was soon on my way back to good health. I have never had a relapse, and have remained cancer-free since implementing the detailed regimen outlined in my book. I am but one of many people who have successfully followed this approach, without the trauma, immune damage and relapses often associated with traditional approaches (radiation, chemotherapy, hormone treatment or surgery). Visit the FACT website at

I have been actively involved with F.A.C.T. for over 30 years. Their website contains a wealth of resources for cancer patients, including an excellent documentary video on DVD (in which I participated), and Ruth Sackman's outstanding book, Rethinking Cancer.

Cancer—A Rational Approach to Long-Term Recovery details my battle with cancer, the theory and fundamentals of bio-repair, and provides the exact steps I followed to rid myself of cancer and regain my health. The book was written to consolidate and clarify the essential components of a metabolic approach and make them accessible to patients and practitioners alike. If you wish to view the Introduction, Table of Contents and samples of selected chapters, please download this free Sample PDF file.

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Regardless of the path you choose, I wish you a speedy recovery, vibrant health, happiness and long life!